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Maryany rural settlement



  • Adm. Centre: Maryanskaya village
  • Chapter: Makarets Andrey Pavlovich
  • Population: 11 887 people ( January 1, 2018 )
  • Included in Krasnoarmeysky district, Russia


The history of the village of Maryanskaya begins in May 1793, when, on the orders of the Ataman of the Black Sea Cossack army Chepegi, 20 border cordons were placed on the right bank of the Kuban from the Voronezh redoubt, including Maryansky. On each of them they determined to have «100 Cossacks with corrected officials.»

October 13, 1823 is considered to be “the day of settlement of the village”, since it was on this day that the chapel of Maryansky Kuren built by the settlers was illuminated. According to the regulation of 1842, all settlements on all Cossack lands began to be called villages.

In 1866, an elementary school with three years of instruction was opened in the ball village. Later it was transformed into a one-class school with a four-year term of study, and in 1892 this school became classroom with a five-year term of study (the first three years are primary, and the last two are first and second classes of the gymnasium).

In 1896, at the initiative of Ataman Strogoy A.Z., in addition to the existing men’s school, an elementary school for women was opened. The building of the primary female school has survived to the present day. Today it houses the village administration. Throughout the 19th century, the Cossacks of the village of Maryanskaya took an active part in the military operations of the Kuban Cossack army both against local Circassians and Shapsugs, and in the Russian-Turkish wars, including in the battles at Shipka in 1878.

In the period from 1918-1920, the form of power in the village repeatedly changed from “recognition of the power of the People’s Commissars as the only representatives of the will of the people” to the establishment of Ataman’s power, the last commissioner of the village Stepan Semenovich Marshin on August 5 (18), 19 paradoxically, was elected her chieftain

With the final establishment of Soviet power in 1920, a 25-bed hospital, a village police department, an orphanage, and a public education department were organized in the village.

In 1975 — Maryanskiy village council became part of the Krasnoarmeysky district.

On January 1, 2006, the Maryanskoye rural settlement of the Krasnoarmeyskiy district was endowed with the law of the Krasnodar Territory dated May 5, 2004 No. 702-KZ “On establishing the boundaries of the municipality of the Krasnoarmeyskiy district, granting it the status of a municipal district, the formation of municipalities-rural settlements within it, and establishing them borders «status of a rural settlement, which is part of the territory of the Krasnoarmeysky district.

Social sphere

In the village of Maryanskaya, the Maryanskaya district hospital, St. Nicholas Church, schools — the Out-of-School Work Center, schools No. 8 named after Dmitry Ustimenko and No. 19 named after S. G. Sobolev, three institutions of preschool education operate.

Much attention is paid to the cultural education of youth and sports.

4 sports grounds, a stadium, a sports complex, an out-of-school work center have been built and are functioning on the territory of the settlement, the Stanislavsky Museum named after I. I. Levchenko, MUK MSP «Rural House of Culture», MUK «Maryanskaya Rural Library», on the basis of which 5 clubs are organized interests, circles -50 and sports associations — 16. Employed about 1,500 people.

Children take part in regional tournaments and competitions in Russia and show high achievements in ballroom dancing, boxing, football, wrestling.

Particular attention is paid to the development of the Cossacks. The number of farm Maryan Cossack society is 120 people, 6 cadet classes.


Such large enterprises as CJSC Orehprom, LLC Firm Nedra, RPK Krasnoarmeysky, OAO MAP Selkhoztehnika, LLC AKkart for the production of corrugated packaging, LLC JV Kuban, LLC Rice Factory, and SEC Maryanskiy are functioning Partnership on faith «Maryanskoe» and company «, CJSC» Dankub «. In total, there are 57 registered trade enterprises in the settlement, 5 catering services, 13 for the provision of domestic services, and small business has been developed.